Housewife Log: Stardate 0= (-1) +1 (A Very Sad Loss and a Fluffy Bunny)

Back in March, I introduced you to my kitty, Cooper. He is, or perhaps was, the most beautiful and affectionate kitty I have ever had the pleasure of loving. We have not seen him since Monday morning when I let him outside around sunrise. Of course, I wish I hadn't let him out then. We have coyotes in these parts and we try to be mindful of that with the children, at dusk and dawn times especially- when we've actually spotted them. Night, when we hear them, is a no brainer. Cooper's mother disappeared within two weeks of our getting the two of them from Mr. Bee's co-worker who found them abandoned at his apartments. Cooper's been staying in the house much more in recent weeks and I thought that best, but I never intended to break him of his super-fast kitty scratching on the door which indicated his wanting to go out to stalk the green anoles in our carport. He had amazing tree-climbing chops and I thought him savvy enough to survive. It appears I may have been wrong.

I have had many cats over the years and it was a rare year and a half for us to not have any cats when we moved into our current house. I was hesitant to bring a cat out to where we live in the country since our closest neighbors have all manner of fowl, peakcocks most prominently. I've also seen a roadrunner or two in the hood, owls and plenty of other critters whose populations I would be loathe to decrease, but we just broke down with Cooper and his mother Alice and said, "Yes" to the lovely pair. Cooper, who I became quite attached to, loved to be carried around like a baby on his back in my arms, a rare thing for a cat to tolerate. I liked to carry him around so that he could collect kisses from the fam as he purred and stuck his front paws straight up into the air to allow me better access to his belly. Rather than my lifelong tongue-rolled kitty call my Momma taught me, I took to stepping out the door and shreiking in an obnoxious voice, "Where's my kitty?" He always came to that. Perhaps, he still will, but it's been nearly a week. I would love it if some neighbors took him in, as we inadvertantly did our neighbors' dog when they were out of town on a long vacation and their dog-sitter thought her gone, but it's unlikely.

Today is Snaggletooth's sixth bithday. I have wanted our family to get a bunny, likely from the pound where I've seen them, but thought it prohibitive with a cat of late. At other times, we had too many other critters to contend with another and then yesterday I saw a flyer posted on the jacked up bulletin board by our neighborhood's mailbox that someone in the neighborhood was selling bunnies for $15 each. There was a picture, I called one Mr. Bee and then left a voice mail on the 15 year-old girl's cell phone who I came to found out has been raising them herself. She called me about 9:30 last night and was happy to let us come over and get the bunny now known as Scruffy. It's a little soon after losing Cooper, but I know a gifthorse on a bulletin board when I see one. Snaggletooth, who is always getting the left-overs (playing his brother's XBox and having to hear him threaten to never let him play it again when teh Genius doesn't get his way) got to go just me and him to get a surprise present in the dark from a neighbor we've never met. The whole air of mystery around the situation was very exciting. Most importantly, Snaggletooth called it the best day ever. We will have a more proper party of some sort with his friends later in the week, but tonight we're going to take the boys (eldest is out of town and 13 year-old is spending the night with a friend) to a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema so they can experience the miracle of a queso and pizza-enhanced movie.

I'll be sure to give a prayer of thanks tonight, "Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If George Bush should die before I wake, please thank him for the dough, for goodness sake (and thanks in advance for the favor)." We got our stimulus check Friday, reliably $600 short and on the last day it was promised to be sent by. After a lean week, I took the kids to Mr. Natural. I'm trying to do my best to spite George Bush by spending my stimulus bribe money as locally as possible. I cannot recall in a very long time being more full than I was after my vegan lunch special (plus, I couldn't let Snaggletooth's uneaten veggie tamales to go to waste). Fried eggplant with ranchero sauce is, incidentally, wonderful. When you add a potato and mushroom mix, the best brown spanish rice there ever was, and homemade corn tortillas from heaven, you have the preamble to a vegan cream puff if ever there was one. Holy shit, I was fuller than a fucker (IDK-DA (that's I don't know- Don't ask.)).

Because of the full stomach emergency, the only thing that could be done was to take a one-hour walk and make it a two-hour walk. We parked near the hike and bike trail on Town Lake (a cute little pet name for our neck of the Colorado River) and began our journey. Right away, I warned the boys to douse themselves in the outdoor shower (as it was a cool upper 90's kinda day), they discarded their shoes, which I ended up carrying the whole way (a small price to pay for no complaining) and we proceeded. We saw turtles, fish, geese, ducks, poison ivy, a long, broken rope hanging from a GIGANTIC tree (which caused us to ponder how someone could get down after climbing up to tie it there- a trampoline being placed at the base of the tree was our general consensus, even thought the tree was at the bottom of a steep embankment right next to the river). We saw some clay nests under the Mopac bridge which we surmised were for bats, though we had no idea how bats could create such things. We also saw a ton of people. One caused the Genius to exclaim very loudly, "Man that man's chest is shiny." "Shhhh (giggle)." I guess he had used teh body spray. We saw dogs of all sorts, bicyclists, people canoing and kayaking who we determined were an attacking armada (after seeing the third Pirates of the Caribbean the day before).

I raced the Genius, who takes after his mother in her younger days in being a very fast runner. The good thing is that I did still win, but I really had to try (and peed my pants a little). We were very close and the genius called it a tie, though I really won by a hair (Plus, I had to dodge an oncoming innocent bystander.) I need to practice a bit if I'm going to be the oldest female to compete in the track and field events in the next Olympics at the age of 42, like maybe more than twice a year, though. Snaggletooth took the picture of the cool Yucca seed pod and the one of me and his brother. He's really got an eye for and interest in photography- maybe I'll give him my old gimpy digital camera for his birthday when we get home, as well. With my stimulus bribe money I did just buy an ungodly amount of AA batteries because I needed two and there was a buy one get one free deal at the store. I took the pics of the echinacea and train and the Lamar car bridge from the pedestrian bridge. I am sad that I will likely never have a chance to train Cooper to walk on a leash with us on the hike and bike trail. Goodbye Cooper. I already miss you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Sugar. I'm so sorry to hear about Cooper. You know how crazy I am about cats.

Your afternoon with the boys sounds lovely. Those are the moments are kids remember.

Happy Birthday to Snaggletooth and may the force be with Cooper.

FranIAm said...

I am so sorry about Cooper, wow.

When I lived in LA, there were coyotes everywhere. Cats, kids, babies are all on the list.

Happy Birthday to Snaggletooth and every time I see your photo I smile- your light shines from very deeply within.

Ghost Dansing said...

i hope Cooper comes back...... i like the bunny, and there is something intriguing about the bridge picture......

A long, long time ago, people did not yet inhabit the earth. A monster walked upon the land, eating all the animals--except Coyote.

Coyote was angry that his friends were gone. He climbed the tallest mountain and attached himself to the top.

Coyote called upon the monster, challenging it to try to eat him.

The monster sucked in the air, hoping to pull in Coyote with its powerful breath, but the ropes were too strong.

The monster tried many other ways to blow Coyote off the mountain, but it was no use.

Realizing that Coyote was sly and clever, the monster thought of a new plan. It would befriend Coyote and invite him to stay in its home.

Before the visit began, Coyote said that he wanted to visit his friends and asked if he could enter the monster's stomach to see them.

The monster allowed this, and Coyote cut out its heart and set fire to its insides.

His friends were freed.

Whiskeymarie said...

Ooh, my little heart is breaking right now for cute little Cooper.
God, my cats can't ever die. Ever. It's a rule.

And, on a side note, I thought you were just commenting & staying incognito. I don't subscribe to any readers so I had NO IDEA that

Sorry. My bad.

Utah Savage said...

Maybe Cooper and Coyote are palled up and conquering the world, keeping it safe for the wild things.

Love the glimpse into family life, the pictures. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Now, get busy and finish the story.

Dr. Zaius said...

I hope that cooper comes back. I don't think that bats build mud nests, though. And eggplant...? **Hey, hey tooie!**

Suzi Riot said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry about your kitty. The bunny is freaking adorable. I had bunnies when I was a little girl and they still melt my 30 year old heart!

GETkristiLOVE said...

That's why I don't let my Tobiko out... too afraid. I hope Cooper is just on a leave of absence.

Anonymous said...

Greetings - I found you via. Cowboy. Very sorry to read about your cat. I'm a fellow Austinite living far south - we also have coyote problems down here.

Freida Bee said...

Thank you, DCup. This has been a good summer with the kids. It's fun now that we can hike for two hours and I only had to give two short piggyback rides and carry shoes. They'll be pushing me in my wheelchair before I know it.

Fran- Thank you very much. Yes, we have to have our dogs accompany our sons outside. They bark out anything. My dear old dog Barbecue barked out a rattlesnake nest for me ten years ago. She's a gift.

Ghost- Thank you for the parable. Yes, coyotes have no choice but to eat what they can find in their now pavement-covered homes. I imagine they'd rather eat their former prey in the wild which no longer have their habitat. They are extraordinarily shy creatures, really, who are just surviving.

Whiskey- I know. I sent out an email saying I was leaving, but then never sent one out saying never mind. I'll probably just pull my private pictures here eventually. I just postponed it all. I need my blog it seems, at least for the summer while I'm out of school.

Utah- Ok. Ok. I know. I know. I'm doing an in-town family day today. Tomorrow. I have a goal.

Dr. Z- We were trying to figure out what would make such large mud nests there under that bridge. Well, I stopped and looked up mud nests, got distracted reading about animals, went back to sleep for a while and am only finishing this comment two hours later. I don't know what made the nests. The were quite large, with too large an opening for an insect it seemed.

Suzi- We are loving the bunny a lot. It's been staying in my daughters' room loose where we set up a little cat box for it and it has peed in there. We're building a hutch for it, but it's going to be hard to want to put it in a cage after letting it roam a little.

GKL- I wish I had kept Cooper in. He still hasn't come back.

Freida Bee said...

thelass, Thanks for stopping by. Yes, coyotes are a concern around here. I just saw that they have gone into the city proper recently. I live east of Austin and am gonna check out your blog.

Randal Graves said...

Man, that fucking sucks about Cooper.

Freida Bee said...

You could have just said "sux" if you were using efficient text message language, Randal.

(Thanks for saying. It does.)


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Snaggletooth and I have much in common. Damn hand me downs.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping Cooper returns. I lost my cat Roz in December, and I know how much it hurts.

enc said...

Fingers crossed that Cooper returns. I'm sorry I'm reading this so long after you posted it.

Mauigirl said...

Catching up here too - so sorry about Cooper. We had a cat that just disappeared and it is sad when that happens because you never really know. Our cat was 15 at the time and we figure he just died somewhere of old age. But I know it's hard not knowing.

Glad you got the bunny though! Very cute!

La Belette Rouge said...

I am so very sorry about Cooper. Why are all the good cats going? Hate, hate, hate it. I am, as you know, going through Inkey grief and it is the worst.
Bunny sounds adorable. I love bunny noses.