Let's Just Kiss and Make Up, Mmmmkaay?

For U. Savage.

Player's Baby Come Back


Anonymous said...

Nicely done. Both of you.

Utah Savage said...

I'll never go away. Smooch! I'll be making the fiction better for awhile. Actually I first typed "friction". Maybe I should try a little friction instead. You are one of my favorite addictions and won't give you up. Just the daily blog for long enough to regain my sanity. Going crazy again always scares me. And phillip points out that what I'm saying is crazy, so let him do the posting for awhile, while I read novels, nap, and do the odd bit of editing.

Randal Graves said...

I don't know what the hell is going on, but I hope some Republicans got maimed in the process.

Katie Schwartz said...


This is a non-sequitur comment from hell, forgive me.

1) You're a South Park fan, too, yes? Yes.

2) Fuck REPUBEcans. Obama has to win.

3) I deemed you a KICK ASS BLOGGER because you fucking are, doll. Check it out.

enc said...

Frieda B has excellent taste in old-school music.

Dang, I'd forgotten all about this one. It takes me back.

pidomon said...

wow took a nap and woke in the seventies!