Good News. Bad News. Good News. News.

Holy Shit. From now on, forever and ever, amen I am starting every post I write with "Holy Shit." I so prefer it to UnHoly Shit™. I think I forgot I was a blogger for a few days there. I did dishes. I did homework. Well, I didn't sleep quite right, so there's hope yet that this is just a phase, but I must say that I sure missed you guys and my 6 hits a day tells me you feel the same. I'm touched.

I've got some good news and some bad news and some good news and some other news. First some good news. Monday, Labor Day, Mr. Bee and I celebrated my 6-year sobriety birthday getting hopped up on coffee and painting our asses off all fucking day long. I painted one of our bedroom walls #99CC33, while The Future President painted one of her walls #CCFFFF. We're calling them accent walls, but the reality is that they are the only walls of our bedrooms which are not monstrously tall, almost too tall to de-cobweb with a tall-as-shit ladder. So, accent walls it is. We got a schnazzy turquoise (##0099CC) going on in the bathroom, which is also the primary color in the boys' room along with the green. Blah. Blah. Blah. Pictures would have been better, huh? Well, I'm not at home, so....

The very bad, sad news is that in the process of the chaos and the painting, Scruffy the bunny, who has been living on the floor of my and Mr. Bee's rooms seemingly quite successfully and had been hiding in the closet most of the painting day, snuck out and ate I'm not sure how much spackling, which had fallen onto our floor covering , before I caught him eating it. I had hoped it was not much, but by the time I realized that it made him sick the next day, he was in bad shape and died while I petted him later that evening.

I feel awful.

He was such a sweet flufferbunny, and was a surrogate mom for the kitten. The Genius is very sad. I have other pet news, too. It seems the fairly old dog we "adopted/ share" ('cause she wouldn't leave two years ago and we all just went with it) from/ with our neighbors may have Cushing's Disease. We are going to get her to the vet today or Monday, but I'm not sure that we can pay for a huge surgery that may be recommended, even if we split the cost with our neighbors. In the process of talking with the neighbors we did discover that Cooper, our missing kitty, may be living in their barn. It would be great to see him. I really hope it's him.

So, Mr. Bee pulled through and assembled and built a whole wall of bookcases and cabinets in the boys' room, but some more good news is that it still leaves plenty of scrap material he's salvaged from rich peoples' houses remaining in our carport. We are not, I repeat not in danger of running out of clutter. But, that wasn't the good news; that was only the news. The other good news is also not that my laptop, in its not very thick case, fell out of my backpack yesterday as I ran to catch a bus. It is still working, but I'm ungrateful like that.

The other good news is that the short-lived, undiagnosed case of MRSA on my right arm looks like it's clearing up. It had me needlessly worried, so I've been swallowing finely chopped fresh garlic a few times a day for the last few days. I think it will also combat the earaches I've been having on and off for two weeks, thinking it's in one ear, and then it's in the other and then thinking it's gone and then it's back. This all has me whispering to my kids, "When you talk loudly, it hurts my ear," but that's mostly a lie. Even when they were quiet for that .5 nanosecond, my ear still hurt. Today, it's not hurting again. I looked up overdosing on garlic and have seen nothing about it causing some weird antibiotic resistant strain of syphilis that I'm going to get from a flea that was on a prairie dog or death from bad breath, but our kitten (who went on and got his people name- as you know I hate to see a pet have- Isaac) seems to think my breath smells bad. Since he's the only one I've been french kissing lately, we made an agreement that we would only kiss after he'd eaten his wet liver food... to be fair.

In other good news, I got to meet not just A Lass, but The Lass for coffee again yesterday, and it was jolly well fun and relaxed. This time I just wore my Tevas and we sweated and walked and sat outside and drank coffee and talked and did not have enough time and I'll agree with her that it was like meeting an old friend (and that has nothing to do with our ages, thank you very much). I thought about that this morning and figured out that the first time we met up, I was kinda nervous about how she would perceive me. I mean she had read my blog. Who knows what one takes away from this thing. It probably depends on the day. But then, that was gone yesterday and I also realized it's because... she's read my blog. I mean, it's all there, er, here. I mean c'mon, I'm more honest with my blog than I am with anybody for real. I am really appreciating having this here with you, you know, reader who just Googled "after he'd eaten his wet liver". You know me better than anyone who doesn't know me.

There's so much to say.

I think Mr. Bee has heard exactly one lecture on management because he gives it to me from time to time. It's called "The Criticism Sandwich" lecture. He essentially says that he likes to dole out criticism smugly (yeah, he doesn't use that word) wrapped in compliments because then the criticisms are easier to swallow and digest that way. For one thing, he doesn't do this. For another, I think that he's really asking me to do this, but not so I'll actually do it. He knows I won't do such a kiss ass thing, so maybe he thinks if I'm unwilling to package it all pretty, I won't serve it up at all. Thankfully, I'm no psychology major, but I will say that that up there was a "News Samwich".

You just got served.

(Ok, I know that's one of the lamest jokes I've ever told on my blog. I won't say "worst" because that's a pretty strong statement, but you know, I've got to stop


The End


Anonymous said...

I can't believe your phone's camera takes such clear pictures. And I will remember that in case it's ever pointed at ME. :P

Anonymous said...

Oh....and congrats on the six years!! Next time the coffee's on me.

La Belette Rouge said...

Poor bunny. I am so sorry Freida. Holy Shit, indeed.

FranIAm said...

Holy shit is right!

I am glad for your anniversary.

I am really sorry about your bunny.

I am glad your laptop is ok.

And it is always good to read your blog, despite my total lack of comments most of the time!

enc said...

Wow, that's an awful lot of pet news. I hope you're feeling okay.

Congratulations on getting six years. I love to hear about sobriety birthdays. Keep it going. Everybody loves a sober Freida.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad for your sobriety. That is real achievement. Sorry about the bunny. Poor thing.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Oh no, poor Scruffy - but the reconnection with Cooper would be great if it's him!

Dr. Zaius said...

contrary to your post, #99CC33 is not an accent color.

I hope that your kitty comes home soon. I don't know what to say about the dog. that's very sad.