Say it Ain't So, Joe!


pidomon said...


Now I got a six pack to pound down somewhere

Utah Savage said...

We'll will all pretend to believe a marriage should be bla bla bla, until after the election. Then we will have a conversion. We are against legalizing pot use until we are for it. It makes sense, we will be able to grow it, sell it, they can tax it. Win Win.

enc said...

Oh no, not him too.

La Belette Rouge said...

I hate to hear Joe agree with anything that Palin believes, especially this. Really disappointing.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

FreidaBee: I like this post a lot because you are getting at the cultural essence of the USA's problems.

It is all of a piece, to be sure, social policy, economic policy, foreign policy, criminal justice policy.

However....though the more rational sides of the economic and foreign policy debates have not won, there have been legitimate debates and votes.

I wrote this to you on JONESTOWN and I will keep writing everywhere whenever I feel it's time to remind Americans again.

Alan Garcia is the President Of Peru. During the 1980s, he commanded right-wing para-military death squads. In Peru in October of 2008, there is no death penalty. There are no life sentences. One may purchase every form of contraception over the counter. Contraceptives of all kinds including Plan B are inexpensive there. Peru does not incarcerate children with adults. Peru doesn't incarcerate people for victimless crimes. To wiretap a person's landline or cellphone, the police must get a signed order from a judge. Peru has single-payer health insurance and subsidized college education.


So, if America cannot reach the level of social enlightenment a far-right South American president who once ran paramilitary death-squads, what do you think the chances are of any real reform in any area of American life?

Obama is bright enough and careful enough that he will try to find some fine line to walk on the economy and will hold America's involvement probably to either one or two continual wars. He will have slightly better budgetary priorities and still and all, this race does present the most starkly ideological difference between a Democrat and a Republican candidate in my life and I'm 47.

The right for two adults of the same gender to arrange their legal affairs under any name they choose or choose to forsake? Are you crazy, woman? That's 40 years away, at least.

Bill Bradley was the only anti-death penalty presidential candidate of either party to make it down to the final three since Dukakis was 1988 DemNom.

You like apples? How about them apples?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

His boyfriend has other ideas though, I'm just saying.

Randal Graves said...

We're the teenagers of the world, so I don't know how surprising that was. Talking about subjects like adults here is like Joe Sixpack not drinking a sixpack during the next NASCAR fast oval festival.

Katie Schwartz said...

I was upset about that, too. One thing I also noticed was that he didn't say marriage should be between a man and a woman. He said he wasn't in support of gay marriage. I was paying attention to the details. I do think they will support gay marriage once they're in office, that's just my hunch. THEY BETTER!

okjimm said...

Legal Marriage? Hey, I was married, once. It was pretty criminal.

I think, that once all nuptials are outlawed.... then only outlaws will get married... or only married couples will have guns...or guns don't kill people, marriages do.....gimmee a moment to work on this, ok?

dguzman said...

He Freudian-slipped a "same-sex marriage" into his answer right near the beginning, but then when it came down to the big yes/no, he wimped out. I was disappointed. But I too think that might change after November, and they'll do something radical. (read: fair)