A Synopsis of the Musical Dancer in the Dark

Finally, after sitting on this movie from Netflix for six weeks, I watched Dancer in the Dark, starring Björk (and Catherine Deneuve in the first video) this evening. It's a very good movie and if you are not planning on watching it yourself, or have already seen it, the following five music videos tell the tragic story beautifully.

(Warning: They will spoil the movie.)


FranIAm said...

I saw that movie and was taken by its unusual and surreal qualities and the story line.

And yes - very tragic, very beautiful.

Once I saw Bjork walking down the street in NYC, she looked ethereal.

dguzman said...

This was one of the most depressing movies I've ever seen, but it was a master work of film art.

Comrade Kevin said...

Clatter, crash, clack!

Randal Graves said...

Oh fine, go on and spoil it for us. That said, I will erase my memory and Netflix the sucker.

Suzi Riot said...

I saw it when it first came out and as much as I loved it, I have never wanted to watch it again.

But I do listen to the soundtrack a lot!

Anonymous said...

Because where I live, the closest thing to an artsy film would be something starring Will Farrell, I've not seen this film. Nor do I think I will since it appears to be rather dark and depressing. Lately, real life has enough dark and depressing, you know.

But I did look at the pictures of the videos and I think I've got a good enough idea. There are no unicorns or rainbows, are there?

And I'm guessing - no Will Farrell.

Happy New Year, Freida!

Cormac Brown said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

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