Mr. Bee Goes to Hollywood

I can think of no better way to have rung in the New Year a day late than to have spent it with The Lasses (or perhaps more properly, The Lass and The Lad). Because I am such a good planner and like to make my mistakes many extra times in order to make my lessons really stick, it did not even occur to me that Mr. Bee and I might need to purchase tickets, to see The Big Lebowski onthebigscreen, online in advance. On several occasions we have overlooked uncomftrability™* and settled for front row seats because we'd showed up last minute and a few times we had the foresight to purchase tickets for a brand new movie online, but it's The Big Lebowski and it was the day after New Years, a Thursday no less. Has some new hangover remedy come out in the past few years I don't know about? Maybe, The Alamo was serving Bloody Mary's. If they weren't, they should have been- though, in the name of honesty, I must admit I've never been so classy as to have drunk a Bloody Mary in my life.

There are some things in this life I am willing to go without. Having had to pick up my fifteen year-old daughter from a kind 18 year-old stranger's house in such a drunken state that I had to check her breathing from time to time and sleep in her sister's bed lest she puke in her sleep (according to the EMT), I am reminded exactly how thankful I am to be sober these days. She inherited her mother's black-outs, it seems.

Oops, that wasn't the direction I was going to go.

So, Mr. Bee and I met up with The Lasses, who were very graciously willing to give their tickets to some other poorly prepared couple and walk to a mediocre restaurant with us instead. I thought it was very cool how The Lass and I got along so well, and how, despite not being able to get together as often as we might like, it's all been symbiotic. I mean, we're bloggers. We're both reclusive by nature and when one of us has cancelled, I bet we both know that while it would have been good to be sociable, there's always a bit of relief to have to interact with the 3D world a little less. We've established that level of compatibility, and the level that we're both just gonna talk. A. Lot. We have lots to say. That's why we're writers, 'cause we think people want to know the shit we know.

Uh-oh, I'm speaking for her. It's all cool. (I speak for her again.)

Anyway, what happened last night was a little weirder. It was like an episode of The Twilight Zone, though far more snarky and benevolent. If I were of a scientific mind, I might have formed an hypothesis that the spouses of bloggers are compatible with each other to a degree directly proportionate to the degree the two bloggers are compatible. I haven't told you guys yet that I am actually getting my online Ph.D. here on Human Nature, have I? Anyway, I'll be running future studies on the matter, but that was all a long-winded way to say that Mr. Bee and The Lad were destined to be friends. Fo Shur.

Another thing that made the night seem fated, from our bad planning on, was the fact that we unknowingly were being Froodled while we were eating dinner. No shit. After we were done eating, a guy named Art walked up and gave us a Froodle. Of course, he was open to tips, but he did not require them and we walked away with this keen memento from the night.

Those are The Lasses on the left and those are we Bees on the right. I don't think he adequately captured my cleavage (unless I truly was resting it on the table), and The Lass is far prettier than he drew her, but still. Damnnn.

That's cool.

Well, I think that's all I've got for you today, internets. I picked up my Baby Bees from being with my in-laws this past week and had a lovimous day of doing thing after thing after thing, and I have to "work" in the morning, so I shall be off to catch my beauty sleep. I'm trying to grow my sideburns longer, and that takes a lot of work, you know.

Be swell, ya'll.

*uncomftrability™ belongs to The Lad, yo.


Bubs said...

Damn fine froodle I'd say. I think you're on to something with blogger spouses, by the way.

GETkristiLOVE said...

That is pretty cool. Who gets to keep it?!

Cormac Brown said...

I'm confused, which one of you is Elijah Wood?

Anonymous said...

You can speak for me whenever you want to, honey. I will alert S. to the use of his trademarked non-word and while he seems very easygoing, you may be hearing from an attorney soon. Also, YOU get the original. Since I will have to return it to you now that I've copied it, we have an excuse to maybe-someday-when-we can-both-stand-it get together.

Randal Graves said...

The spouse thing is wrong. Everyone would like Mrs. Graves more than Mr. Hey, you wanna borrow my sideburns for a bit?

Liberality said...

The Big Lebowski is BIG, even on a Thursday.

M.Yu said...

Didn't you get a souvenir the last time you were hanging with a blogger down there? Something about some cards....

Blueberry said...

A Froodler named Art? Could be a stage name. Is that a salad bar or a pool table in the background?

Utah Savage said...

Everywhere I go today, I just get jealouser and jealouser. Froodles for free from Art? My god, it's just not fair. You can't call yourself reclusive if you go out and get froodled as a couple of couples. What's the world coming to? Am I the only one who sees what's happening to the word reclusive?

Freida of the Bees said...

Bubs- I was extremely sleepy when I wrote that last night and it somehow does not sound nearly so profound today, but I still think it true, but not for any sort of mysterious reason.

GkL- The Lass has threatened to frome it and give it to me, but I shall have to return such kindness, were it to occur, with my own froodle of the event her keepsake.

Cormac B.- I understand your confusion. It's hard to tell without looking unde rthe table to see who was wearing the gorgeous manboots. I'll never tell!

Lassy- I'm not worried. I'll be representin' myself in court. Oooh, do we have to??? How's about a walk next week?


Randal- If I could borrow your fine Irish sideburns, I would be ever so pleased! I know, if Mr. Bee gets any kind of voice around here, people are going to like him better. That's what I'm sayin' though. Regular people would like our spouses, but we like each other. (Sheesh, I pulled that one out of me arse.)

Lib- I see that now.

M. Yu- Yes, those were a treat. I gave them to a friend as a gift, but they were f'awesome! Better yet, the meeting.

Utah- I have heard of you attending a movie. We were trying to meet in the darkness where we couldn't talk and the gods had something else in mind.

I like to stay home for years at a time, dear.

darkblack said...

An artist named Art...Now I've read everything.


A bright New Year to you and your family, Freida.