Pro- Crass- Ti- Na- A- Shun is Making Me Wait

I'm a very busy woman, it seems.

For instance, just today, I read the Wikipedia entries of:
  • Kristi McNichol (for obvious reasons),
  • Jeffery Dahmer (to make sure I'm not doing what his mom did),
  • Mel Gibson (did you know he's bipolar?), and, of course,
  • Masturbation (hehe- there are dirty pictures).
I wonder if there is competition in getting one's own photo posted as the visual aid for this entry. In order to answer this intellectual question, I'll check in from time to time and keep you apprised as to whether or not the picture changes. Or perhaps, some of you out there in lala land have been looking at this page for some time and can fill me in (hehe, begs the innuendo I'm just too savvy to make- except in this parenthetical remark.)

Yesterday, I made $9.56 writing short articles re: such topics as:
  • Why I love my chicken house building book (don't want these to come up on a g-search),
  • 5 Ways to Look Not Older (this one garnered me a whole $5.50 for 550 words), and
  • Why you shouldn't feel not optimistic (you know the word) in today's job market.
Two others are pending re: taking control of that inebriating liquid and how to be not sick, not miserable, and smart to the ways of the world. I may have earned a whole $15 for pretending to be fake expert on such matters, if these other two come through. I'm on hold 'til my first five are rated. I'll let you know. I think cash in hand might classify me as a professional, and then I'll have to demand that we barter sexual favors to allow you to read this crap smut.

How'z about that Swine Flu...? **crickets**

I've got cotton in my ear and I'm ignoring you. Since I smell like garlic, be thankful.

While, yes, I can prove without a shadow of a doubt why if (xn) and (yn) are two Cauchy sequences in the real numbers, then the product (xnyn) are also Cauchy sequences, I cannot quite make my coffee a consistent strength with my french press.

I'm not going to pass my class barring a benevolent miracle that I don't think I'll get. When I find out definitively, I'll be sure to complain about it here, so you can wallow in my misery, as well.

(Since my secret's been revealed, that pic is courtesy of a g-image search of "procrastination." Incidentally, I set it as our family's computer screen background. They think I'm bad.... I just realized, all I need is a leaf blower.)


Steve said...

I'd leave a comment but im waiting for later.....:)

Randal Graves said...

You had me at Kristi McNichol. Well, actually, the sexual favors bartering part. I have a bushel of beets and a dairy goat complete with bell that might interest you.

Leaf blower? No beets for you.

Cormac Brown said...

Why do I have the sudden urge to pour Heinz ketchup on Kristy McNichol?

Freida Bee, MD said...

Steve- Tomorrow is fine.

Randal- Would I have to wear a bonnet?

Cormac- I'm not sure, but I wonder if it's related to my lifelong urge to coat Tatum O'Neal with whipped cream. ;)

Comrade Kevin said...

You too, huh? I'm still trying to get all the paperwork in until I find something else that pays better.

Mathman6293 said...

Well, now I must go do something. I think that there might be a contest.

Lisa said...

You know, reading this reminded me that I haven't pissed away hours looking at old Sears houses online for ages. I need to rectify that in 3, 2..........

Border Explorer said...

Wow, I'd settle for just 3 ways not to look older. Five should earn you hundreds. Thousands. More!