Leave Me Alone. No, Don't. Yeah, Do.

Sometimes I just get into a space when I can't handle any stimulation whatsoever, like acutely. I've been in that kind of space today. It's sort of ADHDish and I am just completely overwhelmed by the simplest of things. Fortunately, it has worked a few times to close myself off from everything in the outer world, but music that blocks it all out on headphones. Andrew Bird is my current savior.

It's kinda shitty that I feel this way, because today is Snaggletooth's birthday. He's 7. Utterly and profoundly awe-inspiringly beautiful. I'm to drive him and The Genius up to grandparents' house today, because in two days they are leaving to drive up to Montana for three weeks. I need space and I'll miss them, but mainly, I just need to get laid. I've reconciled with the fact that I just need to get a job, and then I'm going to complete my one last class for my degree in the spring and fuck-off teaching until I am not scarred for life by the ways I feel I was treated by the people who were supposed to support me and teach me, but the deal probably is that I am not in a space in my life right now where I want to work 40 hours paid and 40 hours unpaid, which is exactly what first year (and probably beyond) teachers have to do.

I haven't posted in forever (a week) and a day and then had the thought of this band name that I decided to make into another blog. I don't know. Anyone who wants to post something there, let me know. Change is good. And, it won't remain Longhorn™ orange.

Maybe I had too much caffeine today.

Went through and picked out two-thousand pictures to post over at FB. Did The Lip Model's so far. I don't use my pseudonym to keep folks from knowing the real me. I keep it to keep my real friends (read Mom) from knowing about the fake me. And, this super hero costume thing is gonna go as soon as I get around to it. Not now.

Little licky. Little tickle. I miss you. I'm going to download an audiobook to block out car noises for the five hours of driving I have in front of me. My mom was in a potentially devastating accident and then there were no injuries, blow out in co-worker's new car, three spins on the interstate landing in oncoming 70 mph traffic with semis and all that. No injuries. Thank you, Sexy Jesus. If you would just come blow me, I would worship you right now, but no, it's bathing, pack up the car pick up paycheck, cash it, give it away, pick up Future President, drive 3 hours, spend the night at in-laws.

David Sedaris will be my car savior.

Thank you. Feeling better.
Love, Bee


La Belette Rouge said...

Drive safe. I have to tell you that I can't listen to David Sedaris when I drive. He and Ricky Gervais impair my ability to stay in my own lane.

Did you see the sad news about Roofy? I thought you'd want to know.

Megan said...

Uh oh. What part of Montana? Large portions of my family are leaving next Friday for there.

I wish I could be certain of getting laid while they are gone...

Anonymous said...

Call me when you're back. I can walk/swim either Wed. or Thurs am.

Randal Graves said...

Well fuckery, your mom should get a helicopter.

Don't boil in the steaming pot of parent guilt. It's okay when the rugrats are nowhere to be seen for a bit.

What's the dealie with the other blog? What radio friendly paradigm are you shifting?

Freida Bee, MD said...

La Belle- Oh no's. That's exactly why I was saying I might not do much. Must tell of the time we had a cute do arrive at our door. Seven or so years old, great with kids, beautiful, sweet.

We posted a note about finding her on a neighborhood board thing, and about two days later a guy made an insane threat to shoot neighborhood dogs that had apparently killed some of his fowl, so we removed the sign, not wanting to emphasize the fact that there was a stray dog around to this wackjob, and we had Sylvie for about two months before I was once day walking down to get the mail when a man yelled, "Sylvie!" (We'd been calling her Roofus, incidentally ;). This was our closest neighbor who we'd never met, who had been out of town and had someone feeding her, but she'd run off, and they'd assumed the worst. For a few months we tried to make her go back, but she clearly wanted to stay with us, and eventually we all gave up trying to be proper and she became ours for the next two years until she died. You did the right thing, though. I'd always felt bad that we hadn't dome more, but we didn't know who was the wacked out gun guy.

Megan- Helena.... Hope you get laid. Think of that accompanying a hearty slap on the ass.
(locker room humor- which I wouldn't know if it slapped me on the ass. ;)

Lassy- emailed ya. We'll do this. Really. ;)

Randal- I'll buy my mom a heli when I publish my first book.

The other blog is something to do with all this free time and somewhere to put all this excessive blogging energy. Need it like something clever.

Lisa said...

I'm so glad that you're mother is okay under the care of your sexy jesus. I'm feeling irritable and discontent, too. Oh, wait - that was the other post wasn't it?

Dr. Zaius said...

Instead of downloading an audiobook, I wish that I could download ice cream. (Chocolate, preferably.)

Anonymous said...

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