Losing Myself in the Gulf of Mexico

I touch myself in the Gulf of Mexico,
Daring the waves to take me away.
Playing like a child in the Gulf of Mexico,
I beg the sea to let me stay.

I roll in the sands of the Gulf of Mexico,
On hands and knees in lingerie.
Battered by the strength of the Gulf of Mexico,
Dolphins swim at the break of day.

My impatient lover, the Gulf of Mexico,
Nestles my breasts as they gently sway.
Naked down deep in the Gulf of Mexico,
I lose myself as he has his way.

Moving to the rhythm of the Gulf of Mexico,
I surrender myself to the disarray.
Wishing you were here in the Gulf of Mexico,
I dream you'll come another day.

Sated by my time with the Gulf of Mexico,
I rest my head from our fickle fray.
Sleeping on the beach of the Gulf of Mexico,
The sand helps erode my dismay.

(I went to the beach for a day and a half, but haven't gotten the pics off my phone, so I borrowed this pic in the meantime.)

I'm just gonna come back here and tweak this one whenever I darn well please.

Plus, there's all the stuff.


Randal Graves said...

No maybe about it. Someone compose some chords. As a general rule, I'd shun the beach, ain't my gig, but I'm convinced.

Megan said...


Steve said...

what they said!

Lisa said...


La Belette Rouge said...

Really beautiful. I am so glad the Gulf is being so good to you.

Eric said...

Nice, but I hope you got out before the oil blobs washed up on shore...

Comrade Kevin said...

I took the girlfriend down to the Gulf, whereby she fell in love with the warm water, calm surf, and beautiful sand.

Anonymous said...

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Sandy Underpants said...

what Victor meant to say is that your poetry gave him a boner the size of an email marketing solution.

Freida Bee, MD said...

Randal. I had a tune and could rock it if I could sing for shit, but I can't.

I'm pretty sure when I die, there'll be one decent album, a greatest hits, but then some hippy will accidentally recycle it all and that will be the end of that.

Maybe one of those guys that digs through the recycling downtown will find it and make enough singing it on the sidewalk to get a Whopper™.

The Circle of Life™. ;)

Megan- Yes.

Steve- What I wrote them, then.

Lisa- I know you are, but what am I? ;)

La Belette- Thank you, dear. Oh, it was just what I needed.

Eric- Ha, and yeah. When we got there, the lady said, "Oh, it's good, the tar's just about done washing up to shore. There were a couple blobs of tar I saw wash ashore. The part of the beach we claimed was had quite a bit of trash, which was very sad, and we picked up the trash, as much to be able to enjoy ourselves as just to be neighborly.

Kev- You're a good boyfriend, then. It's a nice place. I've seen some bad beaches down in Corpus Christi, but this one in the State Parks' care was very lovely.

Sandy Underpants- You would have been right at home there on the beach with the sand in yer drawers.

You tell Victor we've got solutions for that here in Beeville.

Cormac Brown said...

Dang, this gets us non-spammers going, too.