Sexy Jesus, In This Day...

Please grant me proper discipline. Please.
And, good hair.

Freida of the Bees

If I'm a good grrl and go get all the stuffs done, I'll reward myself you with a post later. A pithy juicy post.

Sexy Jesus, please grant me a pith juicy day to post about.
And, may my stockings not run through it all.

Sexy Jesus, divine interventions are allowed as long as no smelling salts or policemens (except you, dear) are required. (Handcuffs are acceptable, however, of course.)

Sexy Jesus knows I could go on and on with this (and, sorry for referring to you in the third person, there, Sexy Jesus), but Lord knows I'm just a confused woman who's lacked proper discipline when it's mattered most, so off to hit to the books (not on my head, mashed potatoes willing.)

Love, Fred of the Peas

A little of this:

Harvey Danger Flagpole Sitter

DZA2000s | MySpace Video

And, more of this:


Cormac Brown said...

Just say you never met me...

Dean Wormer said...

I dunno what's happening in that picture but dammit I want in.

CDP said...

I'm glad you're not Frieda of the Fleas. Because that would be gross.

Randal Graves said...

I know Regular Jesus wears a toga. Does Sexy Jesus dress like Huggybear, 'cause that'd be cool, although it would be sad about the dead fish in his shoes.

Anonymous said...

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