Slipping it in on the Side

Hey, here's a trick. Put up a picture that you will not want to be sitting atop your blog for the next three weeks. You'll be sure to blog, then. Right? Right? Also, start blogging when it's 15 minutes until a 3 hour internet-out at your work. Hurry. Hurry. Look busy. Jesus is coming. Oh. Oh.

Each and every Saturday now, for what seems forever, I am having to write these godamned portfolio submissions. Fortunately, blogging hath prepared me for the task at hand, bs-y bs on all the things I think in ideal terms, so I've been getting good scores, which means I won't have to redo them, as folks often do, but-- and that's a big but, I'm tired. Loving the teaching. Liking the apartment. Missin' ya'll.

What else. What else? TAKS practice tests this week. We played TAKS review Jeopardy, which was a lot of work to make in PowerPoint, even with a template, but fun. Creating centers days from hell many Fridays. Kissing some, "I want a job ass," but you know I like it. If I were getting paid (rather than having to pay) to be doing this I might not complain, but that's unlikely.

I'm out of touch with politics, with blogs, with 24, but not Weeds and Big Love, which I'm managing to squeeze in thanks to Netflix. I'm hearing a guy hack in the bathroom. Uggh. Go home sicky. Got whiny bitched out by a lady here this morning who, apparently, wanted me to telepathically synchronize my rounds with when she was planning on being here earlier than the pass down told me. I failed.

I have kids in my classes loving me and hating me at the same time. I'm feeling like being stricter with them than I did originally. They're so great, and so bad both. I feel like an ambassador to math with them. Math is your friend-- not your enemy. Same with me. Now, get to work!

Well, shitfuckdamn. The internet cutter-offer guy is here.

I hope to do more here sooner than later.



MRMacrum said...

That is a wonderfully obnoxious sign. The postional aspect of the partners highlighted definitely gives a uni-sex look and feel to the over all statement and intent of said sign.

I feel it would be an honor for anyone to use it as not only a post title image, but maybe even the background as part of a Blog logo.

But I do know what you mean. I often will post something I am not fond of especially just to goose me to a quicker return to my blog.

Randal Graves said...

Anytime, not even at 8:47am on a Tuesday? What kind of repressive town do you live in?

TAKS sounds a bit like a subsidiary of the MIC. Should we now trust you?

I still don't trust math. Who knew this teaching gig would be hard work? Shoulda talked to the former pretzeldent.

Don't be going three weeks between posting or I'll get buck naked.

Übermilf said...

TAKS is another evil Texas thing, like pledging allegiance to the Texas flag every morning.

I miss you, but I don't miss TAKS.

La Belette Rouge said...

LOVELY to see you!!!!!!! Missed you!
You just reminded me that today is Big Love day. Final two episodes. And, speaking of Weeds, did you know that where Nancy lives, Agresta, is actually Valencia. Yes, I live in Agresta. Lucky me!

Megan said...

That's a good trick. No, not the sign...

David Barber said...

That's a great sign. But why is she reaching down for the condoms when he's already started?? ;-)

Dr. Zaius said...

I love your SKREENED store! Awesome! :o)