This is My Blog on Jimmy Hoffa

Jimmy Hoffa and I share a birthday, see. I've been on the Project Free TV sauce. See, I admit it. Weeds. Breaking Bad. 24, I'm ashamed to say. It's Spring Break. Woot. Tittie flash. Blueberry muffins (crappy mix, sorry) are up and coming. Must. Get. Boxes. Outta. My. Life. Week of sleep. Fever three weekends in a row. No shit. Starting to hate weekend slacker job.

Discovered the free washer in the communal laundrymat. Told my neighbor. Viva la sticking it to la man. Went to juvenile court, surprisingly for the first time. The Future President got not one, not two, but three tickets for curfew violation for 1) being a mile away from school 8 minutes after school started. (That one's bs), and 2) and 3) for going off campus at lunch. She earned herself a fat 42 hours of community service for that shit, 18 of which is so we don't have to pay the cash for her transgressions, thankfully.

There's that. I'm liking my student teaching still. A. Great. Deal. All. Around.

I haven't been writing much, but each week there are these grueling portfolio submissions that even almost this morning, take precedence over blogging, but there is nary a poem in sight.

The words, "Mommy, I'm hungry," preceded by, "You go make them," a reply to, "Let's go make blueberry muffins," has me conflicted. Must. Go. Twist. Arm.

Gotta go walk the dog, too. It's the next big thing. I miss the country in some ways, but the $20 worth of gas's lasting almost two weeks (even is a semi-guzzling mini-van) is not one of the reasons why.

That Genius still didn't make those muffins. Gotta go prop. I think he's desperate, now (2 minutes later). See. Something.




Randal Graves said...

Crappy mix as in store-bought? Tell everyone they're homemade, an ancient recipe from Mesopotamia and these muffins will sell like hotcakes, these flapjacks will get eaten like muffins.

At least those violations aren't as bad as what Past and Current Presidents have done.

Okay, tittie flash. I'm waiting. We'll flash together, on three.

I'll trade you a blueberry muffin for a poem.

Liberality said...

I'm glad you are liking the new place and that your chosen profession is working out for the best. Sometime in the future you will get some time to blog and see all your buddies I'm sure.

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