In The Event of My Eventual Demise

Dear Reader of the Future,

In lieu of preparing to be where I'll be when you read this, coaxing the self-twisting of pre-adolescent arms with merely the hint of the inherent allure of numeric proportions, I am here attempting to do what I've never had the minor discipline to do. 

Remember when that herbalist made me go buy The Lip Model a chicken dinner that time?  Remember how she suggested I prepare that list of food on Sundays, the lentils and the potatoes and whatever other stuff she said to prepare simply, individually, with whatever butter is necessary for it to appeal to wee tot Lip Model who was the pickiest picky eater ever?

Good, 'cause that's what we (well, I) are (am) doing here and now.  Buttering up this here blog.  I know, I know, you're skeptical.  I was far more likely to post three times in a day and then not again for a month than I was to parse out this scarce commodity, my meamblings.  I know, I usually don't hold back my yummy blogwad, but here we are all mature with this supportive mustache*, ready to get real or surreal or whatever might pertain to the unpenetratable spriteness of, uh, weeing.  Wee?

As I send this message of love from 1971 to you in the future, let me remind you to pick up the almond milk, to praise Frank Zappa, on this the 10th Day of Zappadan, and to go forth and make the meals that make the Wal Marts burn, preferably by way of stopping by my apartment and chopping up those locally grown broccoli greens my CSA gave me.  I didn't know they were edible either, but whatever my CSA gives me, I will eat.  No.  Questions.  Asked.

As you are or are not reading this, my students and I are or are or not plotting the destruction of the dominant paradigm with the pure power of knitting.  You're welcome.

John Lennon-Frank Zappa RARE - Watch more Funny Videos

Supportive mustache pic from the supportive mustache zone.


Liberality said...

good for you, sounds like better eating for everyone all around

mark hoback said...

Hope you're having a wonderful Zappadan.

J said...

Quite the copacetic vudyo choice F-bee. Wild dystopian sounds. Imagine scumbag really loud like pumped over Amarillo, scaring the fock out of bapticks everywhere (what's that stinkin' n****r noise, Daisy?? ahm ah, ah'm a gonna get my 12.)

Megan said...

Sweetness, I was only joking when I said...whatever I said the last time I left a comment here?

Randal Graves said...

Is this all part of some diabolical necromantic Zappa robot world takeover gig?