This is Me Not Being Overly Dramatic

I don't want to be overly dramatic here, nor do I want to be laissez faire.  Today just doesn't seem business as usual to me, though.  Granted, it's not.  It's spring break and I'm filling in for my boss at my weekend job, and the boys have a stomach virus to boot, but damn.  Stuff feels fucked up, today.  I'm sure reading this and this didn't help.

I just keep wondering why the fuck I'm not yet living on my self-sustainable farm.  I'm gonna learn how to do two more things on my bike tomorrow night, and I have decided that I am 67% sure I am going to spend my next few summers off teaching apprenticing with a midwife again.  I did so for six months many years ago, and loved it, and now two old friends of mine are in practice together and I just really want to follow through with that.  It's something I can do while I'm teaching... when I'm not writing that fictitious book, of course.  Also, I need to be gardening, knitting, cleaning a closet, doing yoga, meditating, and and 12 others.  Not half-decaf coffee, geothermic pictures of the ocean floor, and, apparently, being two days late a second time in a row on my next running session, and pans of puke do this to me.  (I'm sure eating TGIFriday tatoskins from the vending machine atop my organic salad and dressing aren't helping, either.  Wow, that guy's a dick.

Oh, where was I?  Oh yeah, I'm at work.  I guess blogging three days in a row feels a little excessive, like calling your mom every day instead of every other Sunday... unless that's what you're used to, perhaps.  What is there to talk about?  The overly personal.  I'm caught between a willing to spill even more than me person and a mum's the worder in a very delightful way, but without the dilemma (on my part) that might imply.  I've got a dinner planned with one of my favorite bloggers of all time, and it's spring break (tittie flash).  So, there's a whole lotta eating your heart out to be doing.  That's all, and after today I will not be working (aside from on labors of the heart) for a whole four days, but most of those days are filled with juicy plans while grading workbooks kisses my ass.

There is the political to mention, I suppose, but who amongst you can't address those issues as well or better than me.  If you're reading this here, unless you're looking for a pic of a woman in a bathtub covered in chocolate syrup and whipped cream , you're probably already more politically savvy than me.  I've got some Sex at Dawn to read for our book club group Sunday and any number of things I can mention that is not eating kelp capsules, but there will be some of that, too.  My major consideration is what am I going to tell the boys to get them to eat them?  Tablets, they'd eat no questions asked, but capsules are weird, you know.

Think I'm off work here in a sec, an hour and a half before schedule, yo.  See you in the mumblemumbles.


Liberality said...

Well I love reading your blog and I am sneaking a comment here at work because I can't comment at home most of the time.

You have done many interesting things in your life.

I am sick of politics too. Mind numbingly depressing trends tend to make me that way :)

Christopher said...

The radioactive cloud is forecast to reach Southern California late on Friday.

Not good. 23 million people live in the seven counties called "the Southland," or roughly 2/3rds of the state.

I am furious at the MSM for ignoring this and not giving the people who live here (like Jim and me) the information we need.

Of course, President Pootie Tang, along with his family are headed down to Rio Sunday -- putting a continent between him and the radiation.

We don't have that luxury.

Randal Graves said...

You do realize that once your self-sustaining farm is sustaining selfully, it'll be eminent domained & razed for a new strip mall without strippers.