A Quickie

I just have a minute.  I woke up regretful of all the metablogging lately.  I guess right now the important thing isn't so much where I'm writing, or maybe even what I'm writing as much as that I am writing.  Plus, where else am I going to complain that I will be at work tomorrow during the SlutWalk here in Austin?

Last night I attended another wonderful (albeit crowded) edition of Bedpost Confessions, and amongst some really high quality smut saw the wonderful organizers of SlutWalk read out 10 ways to avoid rape which were directed at perpetrators.  Is there really anything a person should have to do to avoid being raped?  No.

This has been a weird week to me.  I've been menstrual and emotional and seemingly non-productive, unless gorging on episodes of How Stuff Works counts.  I think it probably should.

This is my week in links, I suppose.  I accidentally cleaned my van very quickly after forever and 6 bales of hay just so my fam and I could cash in on a groupon to go eat some chicken and waffles with a friend... only to find the place closed.  Frankly, I was more excited to have a clean van than any amount waffles and fried chicken could have satisfied.

Tomorrow at noon is my extended assessment deadline.  I'm gonna clean a house today, and then starting tomorrow, I'm gonna change.  Really, I am, Baby.  I'm gonna write.  I'm gonna treat you right.  Tomorrow.


Randal Graves said...

Bedpost Confessions sounds sexy. Here's mine:

Dear Bedpost,

I'm sorry I ate the last of the potato chips.

You best be writin'. I'm gonna check up on you.

Sandy Underpants said...

"free beer tomorrow" was a sign in a bar that fooled young half drunk naive me until my friends beat me with pool cues for being so stupid