A Timebomb

I'm setting this thing to go off on Monday.

4) “Hi Mary,” says Glen, walking into the kitchen.  “How was your day?” she responds with a kiss.  The kiss was the suggestion of a therapist they saw a few years ago, the solution to the awkward and often resentful reunions they were having.  “The kiss” was a Band-Aid on their bruises that reminded them to be gentle with each other.  It worked in those moments, but they also could have used a pitcher of margaritas for whomever broke down and did the dishes first, expensive gifts for Glen who always took out the trash, and oral sex for Mary who cleaned toilets she never herself dirtied.  

“I was just about to fix dinner.  Have you eaten?”  Mary asks staring into the fridge.  “No.  I haven’t,” Glen replies, taking the plastic ware out of his lunch bag and placing it in the sink.  “We’ve got that pasta and salad meal, I know.  That’s easy.”  “That doesn’t sound very exciting, but I don’t really care too much,” Mary quips.  Glen puts on the water and sets the whole wheat spirals and colander on the counter.  “I’ll go get us some cherry tomatoes.”   Mary puts some pre-made salad mix on a couple plates and set out the olives, feta, and olive oil before going into their room to change.   

Micah isn’t home, so they break their “No Eating in Front of the TV” rule before Mary knits and Glen reads, both with the TV on.  Sunday is the only night with “TV worth watching,” as that fellow on NPR puts it, but neither of them welcomes what would fill the silence turning the TV off would create.  There is still another hour of sunlight, and Glen knows he should go weed his garden, but that thought doesn’t sound very appealing.  Still, he goes outside.  

Mary isn’t sure her plan to knit all the hats and scarves, maybe even an actual sweater, that she bought yarn for before last Christmas is really as good a way to spend her summer vacation as she thought even last week, but she isn’t anywhere near ready to be thinking about next year’s syllabus and she needs something to distract her from thinking of Christina.  


Randal Graves said...

What do therapists know outside of thorazine treatments.

Freida Bee said...

If I can fit thorazine in, I will, but I am far more likely to indulge everything thorazine is meant to conceal... if I am at all successful.

Randal Graves said...

Have you thought about being your own therapist? Cheaper bills and more fun.