A Regular Amish Insurrection

I'm pretty sure this might happen again.  Creating a facebook page for my new dog might not be enough ventilation during this mix of trying and untrying times.  School's out for the summer... once I finish one more week of half-days.  I've still got the soul-killing weekend job I've had for the past almost ten years now, though that facility is closing in October, so there is something new to vent about, $.

It's hard to believe it's been over four years since I left Mr. Bee's ass.  He's getting remarried soon, just starting the shacking up part of Brady Bunching it up with his new hottie.  That's been hard.  Really hard.  I haven't been dating at all, but the aforementioned doggy has been getting me out on hikes and to dog parks enough for me to have developed a most-likely unreciprocated crush of late. Vague blog fodder for sure, that is.

There's all the stuff we haven't talked about in forever, I know, but single-parenting four kids between the ages of eleven and twenty-one and working seven days a week, nine months of the year pretty much sums up Beeville.  Laundry, dishes, grading papers, paying bills, teen-age angst, all that sexy stuff that the world needs another blog about.  I am in survival mode most of the time, hoping to feel a little relief on the time crunch front of it all very soon.  Plus, this has been declared the "Summer of Fitness, Fitness, Fitness!"  Who doesn't want to read about the ferns I see next to rocks hiking along Barton Creek and all the sex I'm not having?  Who?!

Entertainingly, Rick Perry's been likening his battle with homosexuality to his battle with alcoholism in the most revealing way of late.  He's going to come out as the poster child for overcoming homosexuality any day now, I predict.  Once again, Texas is setting the standard of excellence: increasing standardized testing while decreasing education funding, restricting access to birth control and sex ed simultaneously these strategies help to prevent the belief in evolution in Texas.  It's a win win!  Conversion therapy will surely prevent the legalization of gay marriage in Texas.  Surely.

Maybe all this absurdity is God's way of talking to me, telling me me to resurrect FluffPo.  Don't get greedy now, God.  This post has about plum-tuckered me out as it is.  Fitness, fitness, fitness!

It's just like the olden days, ain't it?  God's plan for me to be half-gay and half fake-Amish is working out perfectly....  Muahaha, cough, cough, cough.

Photo heretically from here.