Not Oblique Enough

Will words and boobs ever be stopped?  (stolen from here)
Dear Bigly Blog,

So much has changed and yet so much is the same, but worse.  I am sorry I have dropped the ocd ball.  Even though I knew my blogging was poorly keeping tyranny away, I neglected it.  I take full responsibility for the state of the world, which I am finally getting off my duff to fix.  One post every five years should do it.  You're welcome.

I don't even really know where to start (Actually, START HERE!), and must admit to that my writerly brain cells are mush, unless you are referring to sending emails out to students asking them to do things regarding chickens or replying to parents outraged by 87's.  You know, compelling matters.  Too much yoga and mindfulness in schools clearly leads to being complacent and content in the present meat world.  I blame lavender and goat yoga.

Jk.  I've been teaching and working two jobs to make ends meet.  I'm still a raving lunatic; I even had to boil water to survive for six whole days.

I think this is all I can do for now, as I must bring home the bacon to people who are too cozy or not able to bring the bacon to themselves.  #Mendokusai #Exulansis #Torschlusspanik

Lastly, because I know blogging is all the rage these days and folks may not have heard of SNL yet, I want share to my new favorite skit:

I hope I return sooner than later.

Ms. Bee